Al Nas Hospital

Cardiothoracic Fellowship

Program Directors:

Dr. Mahmoud El Shazly, MD.



This program is an introduction to pediatric cardiac surgery. It gives an extensive experience in pediatric and adult congenital cardiothoracic surgery. Al-Nas Hospital pediatric cardiac surgical practice is extremely active, performing approximately 1000 operations per year, with outcomes exceeding the STS benchmark in all STAT categories.



Upgrade your cardiac surgery practice to the next level, including basic knowledge and highly skilled procedures

Be involved in cardiac surgery research, audits and presentations

Having multidisciplinary experience in diagnosis and management of cardiac patients, including experience in interventional cardiology, radiology and intensive care.

Having deep experience in:

Adult cardiac surgery, including coronary artery bypass grafting

Congenital heart surgery, including neonatal, infant and adult congenital cardiac surgery

Valvular heart surgery, including aortic valve repair, mitral valve repair, aortic root surgery 



Duration: 6 months.

Fellowship eligibility:

Candidates must possess a medical degree from a recognized Egyptian University.


Clinical Activities

The fellow is expected to:

Attend the Cardiac Surgery Clinic including preoperative visits for preoperative assessment, and postoperative follow up.

Insert intercostal chest tubes in all patient ages.

Discuss indications and contraindications for cardiac surgery

  Be involved in perioperative management and decision making


Educational Activities 

Attend and participate in weekly CME lectures

Attendance of the JCC and M&M meetings

Sharing in research (one working day/week)


How to apply

Applications are to be sent by email:[email protected]