Al Nas Hospital


         Infants and children who have a heart defect or require heart surgery need to be cared for by a team of highly trained specialists in a facility that is designed to meet their needs. Not all hospitals that perform pediatric heart surgery are created equal. It is an honor for our hospital to be trusted to operate on and help patients with congenial heart disease.            We want families to feel comfortable, have their questions answered and understand the process of having an operation. We aim to provide the best outcomes and highest quality of care available for patients with congenital heart disease. Whether your child is newly diagnosed or you have been living with a congenital heart condition for many years, our pediatric experts offer specialized patient care and support for the entire family.   At Al Nas Hospital, we have prepared a list of questions you need to ask to your medical provider before your child undergoes heart surgery.


Does Al Nas Hospital’s heart program use only specially trained and Certified pediatric cardiac Team (Cardiologists, Intensivists and Cardiac surgeons) to care for the child with Congenital Heart Disease? 

       Our Team of Pediatric heart surgeons offer a system of care that embraces the special requirements of neonates, infants and children as well as their families. Our surgeons work very closely with pediatric cardiologists, and help diagnose heart conditions and put comprehensive treatment plans in place before and after the surgery. A pediatric cardiac intensivist has additional training in care for the critically ill children in the cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU).  Pediatric heart surgery is a team effort: our hospital has a specially trained cardiac nurses and perfusionists (people who operate the heart-lung machine during surgery)    


 Is there a dedicated pediatric anesthesia team? 

Anesthesia and pain management are particularly important when it comes to children with heart conditions. Children respond to anesthesia differently than adults do, and need an extra level of care. Pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists are specially trained to treat this unique subset of patients.  


Is there a dedicated Pediatric Cardiac ICU? 

A dedicated Pediatric Cardiac ICU assures that your child will be closely monitored by experts who are trained to care for the unique needs of infants and children coming out of heart surgery. They are specially equipped with pediatric devices and monitors that ensure immediate help is always available. 

         Al Nas Hospital has a specialized cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICUs). This is a specialized intensive care unit just for children with heart problems or who have had heart surgery. The cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICUs) staffed by specially trained heart nurses and medical Staff.  This have been shown to improve patient outcomes and reduce complications.  


Is there a pediatric cardiac intensivist in the hospital 24/7?

As pediatric cardiac interventions improve and become more common, the demand for pediatric cardiac intensive care also increases. A designated intensivist in the Pediatric Cardiac ICU 24/7 means there is always someone immediately available to care for your child during the often turbulent recovery period. 


Does your hospital or CVICU, allow parents to stay with their child after surgery, even overnight? 

Many hospitals have limited visiting hours, even for parents. At Al Nas Hospital, a top-notch children’s program allows parents to be with their children for longer time according to their status after the medical procedures, and will have private rooms with beds for them. 


Does Al Nas hospital encourage families to be a part of the child’s care plan by listening to their concerns and requests, and even allow them to be a part of the medical rounds with the child’s medical team? 

Remember, parents know the child better than anyone and are often the first to notice if something needs a doctor’s attention. We are working as one unit along with the families for the best outcome. 


What about the survival outcome rates of Al Nas Hospital? 

As a reputable center, we are comparing our outcomes to worldwide surgical outcome rates. We are doing our best to achieve the best healthcare services for patients and their families. 


What is the patient and family experience offered at Al Nas Hospital? 

        Children are not small adults and need different medical care and emotional support during stressful or painful situations. A child-focused heart program will provide child life specialists that work with the patient and family to provide specialized programs such as playroom and bedside activities, music therapy, art therapy and sibling programs to help ease the fears and stress associated with a hospital stay.