Al Nas Hospital


  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hassan Daoud

    Cardiology Consultant - Adults Cardiology
  • Dr. Sherine Abedel-Salam

    Medical Manager Cardiology
  • Dr. Ahmed Adel Al-Omargi

    Cardiology Consultant Cardiology

Cardiac Surgeons

  • Dr. Mahmoud El Shazly

    Head of the Cardiac Surgery Department Cardiac Surgeons

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

  • Dr. Wael Ahmed Attia

    Consultant Pediatric Cardiac ICU Intensive Care Unit (ICU)


  • Dr. Ahmed Abdel Qader Al-Esawy

    Anesthesia Consultant Anesthesia
  • Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud Hasseb

    Head of the Anesthesia Department, Al Nas Hospital. Anesthesia


  • Dr. Mohamed Donya

    Head of the Radiology Department Radiology

Laboratory and Blood Bank

  • Dr Amal Fouad Rizk

    Laboratory and Blood Bank