Al Nas Hospital

Research Unit


The vision of the research unit is to be a leader in the healthcare research community and a trusted partner for industry and academic collaborators.


The mission of the research unit at ALNAS hospital is to advance medical knowledge and improve patient care through high-quality, innovative research. 

Objective of ALNAS research unit:

Advance medical knowledge through high-quality, innovative research:

The research unit will conduct studies and investigations that contribute to the understanding of disease, treatment, and healthcare delivery, which can lead to the development of new treatments and therapies for patients.

Improve patient care: 

The research unit will work to translate new research findings into clinical practice, which can result in more effective and efficient high quality patient care.

Increase the hospital's reputation and attract more patients: 

By conducting leading-edge research, the hospital will be able to establish a reputation as a center of excellence in the field, which can attract more patients.

Attract and retain talented staff: 

A research unit can provide a platform for medical professionals to conduct research and contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge, which can attract and retain talented staff.

Collaboration and partnership:

The research unit will also serve as a hub for collaboration and partnership with other research institutions, universities, and industry partners, which can bring in additional funding and resources to the hospital

Keeping in touch of the latest medical advancements:

The research unit will help the hospital to stay current with the latest medical advancements and implement them in the patient care to improve patient outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.


Structure & Organization:

ALNAS Research Committee

ALNAS IRB Committee

ALNAS Senior Research Specialists


Active Projects:

Cardiac Status after Aortic Valve Neocuspidization in Pediatric Patients with Aortic Valve Disease (Ozaki procedure)
Mohamed Dahy, Hossam Ibrahim, Hamza Elnady 
Effect of sacubitril-valsartan on ventricular remodeling in patients with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction: A cardiac magnetic resonance study 
Mohamed Hassan, Ahmed Adel, Mohamed Donia



Published Manuscripts :

Effect of comprehensive Recovery Program on Patients’ Outcomes Post CABG Surgery  
Mohamed Mousa, Mahmoud EL-shazly, Tahany Elsenosy, Amira Hedaya. 
Acta Biomedica
July 2023
DOI: Link
Mohamed HassanMostafa M. Abdrabou, Wasseem Amin Wahba, Amir Anwar Samaan, Yasser Baghdady & Ahmed A. Elamragy
June 2023

DOI: Link 


June 2023 _ download from here
DOI: Link


Wael Ahmed Attia , Osama Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Ashraf Mohamed Abdel Reheem, Omar Mohamed Ezz-eldin Sayed , Mohammed Mosaad Mahmoud
Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results
November 2022


Rasha Ibrahim Aly Ammar Wael Ahmed Attia Amal RizkKhaled Sami Mahmoud Gad ElhessiMohammed Mosaad Mahmoud
August 2022
International Journal of Health Sciences
DOI: Link