Al Nas Hospital

Adult Cardiology


Program Directors:

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Adel, MD, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hassan MD, FACC


Program Clinical Supervisors& Mentors

Dr. Amir Anwar, Dr. Amir Mostafa


Program Coordinator: Ghada Hussien



    The adult cardiology fellowship is a 12-month program. The program is structured to provide the fellow with a comprehensive experience regarding clinical assessment, diagnosis and management of cardiac patients with various presentations, heart team discussions and decision-making, transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography, and observing complex interventions in the cath lab.  During this period, the fellow will be exposed to almost the full spectrum of cardiac diseases in adult patients.




The fellowship training program will be undertaken over twelve consecutive months.

Number of fellowship positions:

Two clinical fellows


Service commitment:

Fellows are fully dedicated to the hospital throughout the fellowship year. In house duties are expected according to the number of fellows available at a time, and according to the hospital bylaws. Academic time may be granted depending on the academic productivity of the fellow.


Fellowship eligibility:

Candidates must possess a medical degree from a recognized Egyptian University and have passed the first part of Master exam in cardiology.



By the end of the fellowship the fellow is expected to:

  1. Provide a proper full assessment to out-patients, set a differential diagnosis and suggest a plan of management.
  2. Perform 200 + trans-thoracic echocardiography studies under supervision of well-trained echocardiographers.
  3. Be able to interpret trans-oesophageal echocardiography studies and may get the opportunity to be trained for the whole procedure according to his progress.
  4. Be confident in managing cardiac patients in general cardiology wards and post cardiac surgery ICU.
  5. Get a good exposure to various cardiac imaging modalities (CT and MRI).
  6. Be able to interpret coronary angiograms and hemodynamic studies.
  7. Get exposed to complex coronary interventions, and structural heart intervention
  8. Share in the scientific activities and research projects in the department.


Clinical Activities

The fellow is expected to:

  1. Join the daily clinical round for in-patients
  2. Attend the outpatient clinic regularly and the non-invasive lab according to his pre-set schedule
  3. Observe at the cathlab. once weekly or as determined by his supervisor
  4. Share in scientific activities of the department
  5. Attend and help in organizing joint cardiology-cardio-thoracic surgery meetings


Educational Activities

The fellow will be required to attend and participate in the following formal educational events:

Weekly general lectures

Lectures include education related to: cardiology, cardiac anesthesia and cardiac surgery related topics.

Morning ICU and general ward Round

These rounds take place every morning.

Monthly Journal club, M&M

The fellow is expected to attend and share in the monthly journal club and to learn how to appraise a manuscript and how to incorporate journal articles into clinical practice. The Morbidity and Mortality meeting is very important in clinical practice helping change of policies and protocols to avoid such events in future.



The directors of cardiology fellowship program will provide face-to-face feedback to fellows at 3 month intervals.

Fellows are required to keep up to date logbooks of:

1.     Trans-thoracic echocardiography cases performed under supervision

2.     Observed Trans- oesophageal echocardiography cases

3.     Observed catheterization cases


How to apply

Applications are to be sent by email:[email protected]