Al Nas Hospital

Gastrointestinal Surgery and Transplantation

The newly developed institute provides free world-class medical services for children and adults with complex gastrointestinal and other abdominal organ disorders at AlNas Hospital. The scope of the clinical activities includes state-of-art diagnostic facility and advanced complex surgery that cannot be provided at most of the Egyptian hospitals.

I- Disease Spectrum

  1. Hereditary, congenital, and autoimmune disorders including inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis as well as malignant tumors.
  2. Gastrointestinal, hepatic, and pancreatic tumors.
  3. Gut dysmotility and other rare disorders
  4. Gut and hepatic failure 

II- Therapeutic Modalities

  1. Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and enteral nutrition.
  2. Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy / colonoscopy for:
    • Screening of colon cancer, colonic polyps
    • Treatment of achalasia and pyloric stenosis.
    • Esophageal dilation and stenting.
    • Control of variceal bleeding
    • Endo-mucosal resection of benign and malignant polyps.
  3. Gut surgery for hereditary / congenital and acquired disorders:
    • Esophageal reconstructive surgery for strictures, tumors and dysmotility. 
    • Gastric and duodenal surgery for benign and malignant tumors.
    • Bowel lengthening for short bowel syndrome.
    • Resection for Intestinal and Desmoid tumors.
    • Colon and rectal resection for advanced inflammatory bowel disease and malignant tumors.
    •  Autologous gut reconstruction for gut failure after complicated bariatric surgeries and other unsuccessful surgical procedures with fistulae and open abdomen.
    • The new “Trifecta” procedure for patients with progressive chronic constipation due to various chronic gut dysmotility disorders.
    • The new gut malrotation correction surgery (Kareem’s procedure) for congenital gut malrotation and other associated anomalies.
    • Vascular surgeries for esophageal varices in patients with portal and portomesenteric venous thrombosis.
    • Resection of advanced abdominal wall and peritoneal tumors.
    • Resection of hepatic and pancreatic tumors
    • Surgical reconstruction of biliary and pancreatic strictures.

Soon, the institute will provide intestinal and liver transplant as well as other abdominal organ transplantation.